The Mid-Atlantic's Premier Choice for Title & Mortgage Technology Solutions Since 2002

  • We specialize in the mortgage and title industry and understand your unique challenges and compliance regulations

  • Our staff works daily in Encompass, Qualia and Title Express (Hosted & On-Premise)

  • Our solutions are security focused first - with high priorities in ensuring you are secure from wire-fraud incidents.

  • We provide all our title companies with urgent priority during the last 4 work days of the month

  • We offer co-managed IT support to larger title and mortgage companies who have in-house or corporate IT departments

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What does our Managed IT Services look like for Mortgage & Title companies?

 If you aren’t familiar with the term Managed IT services, it basically means an outsourced technology

firm that handles all or most aspects of your IT infrastructure. From the network equipment in the IT

closet, to providing help desk support to your staff.  Managed IT/Outsourced IT will maintain all your

computer hardware & work with software and hardware vendors to bring you an all encompassing


When it comes to our Mortgage and Title Clients, we are their one call for support. 

  • If they are having problems with their Comcast or Verizon internet or if their VOIP phones are
    having issues or need changes, our clients will call us first.  We then on their behalf will call the
    specific vendor and then liaison support for them. This ensures that the proper solution is being
    brought to our client and that further downtime or further issues don’t occur to our clients


  • We run a locally staffed help desk with technicians that are trained for each of our clients locations. 
    If one of our techs is not trained in supporting your specialized software package (think Encompass
    or Title Express) that technician WILL NOT TOUCH that software without explicit instructions from one of our qualified technicians.


  • Each piece of network equipment we install (routers, switches, WiFi access points) all report back to our management console and our ticketing system 24/7.  We know within 3 minutes if a piece of equipment has failed or if your entire site is down.  This allows us to dispatch support either remotely or onsite to your business quickly – often times resolving issues before your staff notice an outage.

  • Each computer we support we install management software that runs the anti-virus software, malware protection, system updates, as well as a variety of checks.  This all reports back to us every 15 minutes to ensure your systems are running smoothly & that critical items are being completed successfully.

  • If you are a title company and run TSS (Title Express), we know when your quarterly updates are ready & will work to schedule the installs of these updates on your servers & workstations.  When Rate Sheets & 1099 updates are released, we will work with your team to install these updates as well.  We work directly with SMS – Title Express to get the updates installed successfully during non-business hours so that your staff is impacted as minimally as possible.


Utilizing hardware we've specifically tested & configured to provide Mortgage & Title companies optimal operations.  Our hardware is  updated & provided security patches WEEKLY to provide optimum protections & performance.


Receive responsive support when you need it the most. Get LOCAL technical support quickly via phone or email request.  Our techs will respond quickly via remote or on-site support.


It's important to keep control of your critical business data. We offer various options to ensure your business is covered.


We offer a range of new systems to get away from your old, dated phone system that is limited on its abilities and features.   Our systems are very cost effective & also allow for your staff to work from anywhere!


Tried & true solutions are deployed to protect your title or mortgage company.  We work to meet state & federal regulations & regularly modify our security practices to combat the ever changing threat landscape that your business faces.



Microsoft Office 365 encompasses all of the tools you need to enable your business and team to be productive as possible.  We partner with Microsoft & a distribution company to provide you with the quickest support possible.


We proactively manage every aspect of your infrastructure, remotely monitoring every device and application on your network.  This allows us to be ahead of issues vs. waiting until a larger problem occurs.


We offer an assessment of your business technology to include your security practices, data recovery, networking, and your overall business IT plan. We will also work with your software vendors, copier companies & others to ensure that the technology you want is the technology you get.

Fox Logic is a highly responsive, Maryland based IT company.  We offer Live Phone Support, Remote & On-site Support – for all of our service plans.  We guarantee your satisfaction or you get your money back & we’ll allow you out of your plan*.  No questions asked. 

* Refund limited to support plan for the current month.  Refunds aren't available for any hardware/software purchased on clients behalf.  We require a 30 day notice for plan cancellation if you aren't 100% satisfied. 


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