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Mortgage + Title Business Technology Solutions

As a mortgage or title business you run a fast paced operation, even more so in this crazy market!  It's imperative that your operations run smoothly and that all data passing through your business be secure.  You need an IT and Cyber Security managed services provider that is both familiar with your industry and understands your exact business needs.  That's where we come in.  With almost two decades of industry technology experience, we are the clear choice.

We Specialize In Mortgage + Title Tech Solutions

We understand your unique challenges and compliance regulations.

Our Solutions Are Security Focused First

Our highest priority is ensuring you are secure from wire fraud and other cyber attacks.

Industry Software Support

We work daily in Encompass, Qualia and Title Express (Hosted and On-Premise).

We Make You Our Priority

Co-Managed Support

For larger mortgage and title companies that have in-house or corporate IT departments.

We provide all of our title clients with urgent priority the lst 4 work days of the month.

Managed IT Service and How It Works

If you aren’t familiar with the term Managed IT Services, it basically means an outsourced technology 

firm that handles all or most aspects of your IT infrastructure. From the network equipment in the IT 

closet, to providing help desk support to your staff.  Managed IT/Outsourced IT will maintain all your 

computer hardware and  work with software and hardware vendors to bring you an all encompassing solution.

Wouldn't you like to make ONE call for support?

That's exactly how our plans work.  One call, one person.

We reach out to other service providers you may be experiencing an issue with.  I.e. down internet via Comcast or Verizon, VoIP phone issues or changes - our clients call us first.  We then on their behalf reach out to the specific vendor and liaison support.  This ensures that the proper solution is brought to the client and that further downtime or issues don't occur.  Allowing you to function without interruption.

We run a locally staffed help desk with technicians that are trained in the specifics of each of our client locations.  We ensure the tech handling any of your requests is well trained in your specialized software (Qualia, Encompass, Title Express).  Each piece of network equipment we install(routers, switches, WiFi access points) all report back to our management console and out ticketing system 24/7.  We know with in minutes if a piece of equipment has failed or if your entire system is down.  This allows us to dispatch support either remotely or onsite to your business quickly - often times resolving issues before your staff notices an outage.  Every device we support is installed with management software that will run anti-virus sotware, malware protection, system updates as well as a variety of other checks. This software reports back to us to ensure your systems are running smoothly and that critical items are being completed successfully. 

If you are a title company and run TSS (Title Express), we know when your quarterly updates are ready and we will work to schedule these updates on your workstations and servers.  When Rate Sheets and 1099 updates are release, we work with your team to install theses updates as well.  We work directly with SMS - Title Express to get these updates installed successfully during non-business hours so ensure your staff and operations are impacted as little as possible.

Interested in taking your brokerage to the next level?

All of our plans are all-inclusive and billed a simple flat rates.  No business is the same which is why we build plans custom to your industry and your specific business needs. 

We Are Proud To Partner With Dozens of National & Independently Branded Mortgage & Title Companies

For security reasons we do not disclose full client or company names - please contact us for references!

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