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Equipment Pricing Surging Due To Low Supply

I think everyone can agree that it has been quite a year! It has been a wild year for the IT industry to say the least. When the world stopped we did not. If anything our businesses went into high drive. The global pandemic took the world by storm, leaving a path of pure chaos in it's wake. When this all began millions of people started working from home, laptop sales went through the roof and equipment became scarce. We spent hours upon hours setting up remote work stations for clients. Shifting around existing equipment and purchasing what new we could. Getting our hands on equipment was a major task. I remember searching for printers and next to nothing could be found and what was available was outrageously priced. Printers normally priced at $200 were going for $800! The experts are ensuring us that we are steadily making our way back to normal life, and as much as that is true, we are however, still facing these shortages.

Demand is still steadily increasing everywhere yet supply is still limited. We've seen it in 2020 with the whole toilet paper debacle and now the surge of gas prices, basic grocery necessities and of course, computer equipment. There is a worldwise micro-processor shortage and this impacts the automotive and IT industries in significant ways. Theses shortages are leading to higher consumer prices and many large manufacturers, Dell and HP included, have stated that the inflated costs will be pushed onto consumers in the many months ahead. As of today, you can still find a few lingering reasonably priced laptops and desktop computers but as the days go by their availability will drastically decrease. The line of HP laptops we recommend to the majority of our clients are already on back order with availability dates as far out as October through December of this year.

Our recommendation to you is, IF you think you will be hiring or needing replacement computers between now and March of 2022, that we make some moves and purchase in-stock systems. We store them free of charge for all of our clients. We are also in the process of reviewing all of our client acccounts. If we feel that you have any systems that are in need of replacement we will be reaching out to you directly. Our goal is to ensure everyone is prepared for the next 9 months to a year to avoid any kind of equipment purchasing crisis. As always, we thank you for entrusting Fox Logic with your technology needs!


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